Emotion, a powerful therapeutic lever towards healing.

Health studies treat complaints symptom by symptom, device by device. Books, reviews and training on hypnosis are generally based on the same theoretical and protocol model: « hypnosis and: addiction, pain, sleep disorders, depression, bedwetting, etc. ». However, during the trance, the unconscious has a global vision of the complaint far beyond the symptom expressed. Most often, the origin of the symptom is unthinkable by the consciousness of the patient as well as that of the therapist. It is very often the echo of a trauma which, during the trance, can trigger emotional reactions before which many caregivers remain unarmed.

We propose a more general and innovative approach: how to use the emotion of the symptom to allow the patient to treat his traumas of yesterday in connection with his complaint today.

The origin of the symptom is often unthinkable by the consciousness of the patient as well as that of the therapist.

In this approach, the roles are reversed: the caregiver, who normally has the knowledge and skills of care, becomes a simple companion for the patient who (re) discovers his own way of healing.

Some patients activate their own healing resources on their own. For others, however, it is necessary that the therapist follow them step by step throughout their journey, without relying solely on their ability to self-regulate in a letting go in a trance. The therapist’s creativity then gives the patient permission to reinvent for himself.

Hypnosis is the art of bringing out in the individual a possible « extra » in his « ordinary ».

It is in this orientation that we offer training, to allow caregivers to marvel at the patient’s abilities and skills to heal in a few sessions. This therapeutic approach will enhance the pleasure of care essential to the development of any healthcare professional.

A multi-professional approach.

It is always the same 2 trainers who accompany the groups for better monitoring. We are two different therapists, with different sensitivities, stories, backgrounds, patients and practices. These differences create our complementarity. Our sharing of experiences has enabled us to enrich our therapeutic support and formalize it for our training.

The groups are made up entirely of state-certified medical and paramedical health professionals. They are limited to 18 participants in order to facilitate discussions and allow personal hypnosis discovery work in complete safety. For educational reasons, we have chosen to conduct the seminars in residence, five consecutive days from Monday to Friday. This format contributes to the conviviality and creation of the links essential to any therapeutic work. It allows us to be more available away from the usual concerns which facilitates over the days a real work of deep learning. Experience has shown us the importance of carrying out the two basic seminars (initiation and improvement) within 3 months to quickly integrate this tool into a care practice.

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